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What in the world do seeds have to do with a wedding chapel? Well, this Sunday is seed swap day!

One of our brilliant and very capable brides, Raeshel, came up with the idea to do a seed/plant swap at the chapel, and it's happening! This Sunday from 1-4p, we'll have a smattering assortment of seeds to trade/buy/bargain with and we hope some other folks will bring their seeds to share as well. With the world changing as it is, the concept of growing our own fruits and veggies just makes sense. Also, another bride, cattle-girl Donnica, is planning to be here to participate as well. We hope we have some folks show up, but if we don't, we'll just swap amongst ourselves. We'll have some light refreshments and hopefully learn from each other in the process. I was going to brin my heirloom cucumber seeds, but then found out yesterday that they're supposed to be planted THIS WEEK for our fall garden, so they're off the table. See how fast the merchandise is already going!?! Hope to see you at the chapel for this fun, experimental event.

Otherwise, life is good in chapel land. Fortunately, Jeff Kelley's team was able to come out yesterday and fix the hose bib which landed us a $382 water bill from leaks. Mrs. Boss kept saying we needed to get it fixed.... Now I believe her. Wise. Always wise.

Anyway, have a great mid-week, and don't work to hard. Come and 'seed' what's going on on Sunday if you can! Blessings to one and all!


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