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I stumbled on this photograph today of an incredible wedding arch that shows how flexible you can be when you have plenty of space. We love the airy creativity that this arch decor creates!

It just looks like a scene from a beautiful garden, doesn't it?!?!? We're always amazed at the creativity and vision that our brides, moms and other folks bring to the chapel. We see it one way, since we were blessed to build it up from a prickly pear patch, and the bride and company get to put their stamp of uniqueness to it to make it their very own for their biggest of days! It's such a blessing all the way around.

Had a wonderful visit from Jennifer and Gloria today, and really enjoyed meeting them. Replaced all the chandelier bulbs that exploded from the horrific hail storm earlier in the week, and we're still counting our blessings that $42 in lightbulbs was the only damage we've found. Oh, and 1 glass-topped table! Things will settle back to order on the grounds, and I need to work on some weeds in the terrace leading to the bridal courtyard, but otherwise, we're all in one piece and moving forward!

Even though the April 28th fundraiser has been cancelled, Our May 5th Jane Austen event is rolling ahead with steam! Had a great meeting at the the library today, and we seem to be very on-target for the event. Can't wait. Be sure to contact the Salado Public Library, since tickets will only be available in advance!

Time to get a few other things done! Howdy to all our fans and all the ships at sea! Blessings from the chapel to YOU!


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