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Here's a cute wedding-day mobile that's just right for photo ops with magical brides and grooms! She's what we lovingly call our "cartoon car", since she has shapes and proportions that are so soft!

Miss Emmy Lou (pictured here) is certainly a girl who gets around! While she's currently visiting her buddies at CenTex Automotive for some minor work, normally she's hanging out here at the chapel, just waiting for her next starring role in a chapel wedding production! Emmy Lou is one of those girls that are known as a '20-footer' in the classic automotive world. She's a 1951 Chevrolet that looks great in photos and from about 20 feet away! She certainly has her dents, spots, wrinkles and minor creases, but she's still a fun backdrop for wedding parties here at the chapel! She IS rather hard to resist, and since she had her 'front end' work done, she's all the easier to drive these days. She'll be back at the chapel in no time, and rolling the Salado Village streets in search of groceries, the post office, or just a fun and festive good time! Some girls just roll that way!

Otherwise, all is well in chapel-land, and the chapel fared much better than our house and truck in last night's hailstorm. While there are definitely chandelier bulbs in need of replacement in the bridal courtyard, it's nothing compared to the dimpled truck, smashed green house and broken windows in our shower! Well, all in all, a hailstorm definitely beats a tornado EVERY time!

Blessings to all of our chapel peeps, and hope you are all doing well. Blessings for a wonderful day and the rest of the week!


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