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We kind of believe that a honeymoon is an important time for a newly married couple to connect. Preferably away from the day to day life and a place to grow together. Palm trees optional! :)

We often times spend so much time planning, executing, funding, arranging and working the big day for a bride and groom, that the honeymoon is kind of an afterthought. Either not happening or delayed significantly (usually budget and schedule reflective). We kind of feel that freshly married couples are missing out on an important piece of the 'wrap' of the official wedding event. Lots of discussion about the road ahead, relaxed couple focus and a change of scenery that virtually always proves beneficial! That's our 2-cents worth, but we feel pretty strongly about it. Just food for thought!

Otherwise, the bridal courtyard terrace isn't anymore 'weed free' than it was yesterday, and we still have chandelier light bulb change out! We need to get our act together before May 5 when the Friends of the Salado Public Library make their Tribute to Jane Austen event happen. Don't forget, there are actually tickets still available, but we're already over a quarter sold out already this early on.... A fun day that's not to be missed!

Some of the water wash exposed a pipe in the middle of the chapel driveway, so we're working on covering that up soon as well. We're just so thankful not to have any real damage to the chapel from the horrendous hail storm. Praise God!

Have a wonderful day, we hope you have fond memories of our favorite chapel, and look forward to seeing you soon! Blessings to one and all!


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