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After all.........what is a wedding without flowers!?!? The fun thing is having so many options for your biggest of days. Fresh? silk? wooden? Florist-made?, bride created?, flowering plants?

The options are just about endless! We snapped this quick pic of Latrice's raw materials at the Brookshire Brother's #69 yesterday. They'll be turned into works of art, and are already amazingly beautiful. High-quality grocery store florals should never be overlooked, since the artist is in residence to create, their volume is large, and the color/flower options are so very available. If you pick a florist, go with grocery or do something completely on your own (paper flowers, anyone?) whatever is selected will look great in our one-of-a-kind chapel! Go wild! It's your biggest of days!

We met with Audrey, Cody & Company this morning to select all the dishes, linens, etc. for their big day. It was fun helping to select just the right look that fit their personalities and preferences. One of our favorite activities....bridal service selection is always such icing on the cake and gives ALL of us a strong sense of direction, budget and look. This is why we don't offer 'packages' like so many other venues. We want each bride and groom to have just exactly the look they want to reflect their tastes, rather than box them into a pre-planned setup. We're even ordering beautiful new linens for A&C's wedding, and know that they'll be used many times afterward for parties, weddings, charity events, etc. We're so very blessed with our space and inventory.

Have a wonderful day, stop and reflect on your blessings, and enjoy every moment God has given you! Blessings on ya!


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