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One of the coziest and special spots in the chapel on wedding days is at the Sweetheart Table. Specially decorated with items that are key to the bride and groom in their own space! Mighty sweet!

The sweetheart table setup is always magic for a bride and groom. It can be as plain as possible or as 'cozied' up as they would like. It's been used for a photo booth setup and for dinners and for cocktail receptions. It's always a great place to show off our antique plates and sterling, as well as the 'just right' resting spot for the bride's bouquet. One tradition we've followed since wedding #1 is our vintage, family sterling silver service. The couples who have done a 'sit down' dinner in the great room have used our grandmother's sterling silver service at the table. "Queen's Lace" by international sterling is taken from our private archives and placed at our bride and groom table as a special nod to the importance of tradition and marriage in the scheme of things. We love showing it off and making that small contribution to detail a very meaningful study in elegance.

Not much happening otherwise. Plants being planted and Wesley is coming out tomorrow to help us with courtyard terrace clean up and 'hole filling' from all that rain! He'll have his work cut out for him, but it's all about gearing up for the weddings that will be here before we know it! Still need some bulbs changed in the chandeliers, but it'll all happen in time before the next event!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their weekend. Stay safe, play nice, and enjoy each moment God is giving you! Later, Chapelians!


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