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It's so wonderful to be wedding-ing again! Wooohoooo!

Nothing feels as fun as doing weddings again after such a long time away! Congratulations to our wonderful couple, Marjorie & Chris. We're back in the game of love, and loving every minute of it. Lots more weddings on the horizon and so many more special days of love, celebration and fun!

All is magic and music at the chapel these days, and everything is in pretty tip-top shape. It's gotten a lot warmer out there so we haven't had to mow the courtyard as much, but the recent rains may change that! A new gate is on it's way, and the flowers are blooming so very beautifully!

We had a tremendous visit with A&S the other day, and they're working on their deposit so that they can put their very own stamp on the biggest day ever for themselves. It was so heartwarming to see several of our brides and grooms put welcoming comments on our new bride's FB page last weekend after the wedding. Really neat folks!

Got to have lunch with a groom yesterday and get to do it again on Friday! We're loving spending meals at Johnny's Steak House here in Salado, as things seem nice and normal there! Always good food, and they've done incredible catering here at the chapel. Also, a TREE-MENDUHS place for a rehearsal dinner, as well. It's always nice to be able to support folks that support our efforts in the love celebration arena!

Excited about officiating a wedding this year (2 of them actually) where I get to wear my old-west frock coat for the ceremony! I love that part, and it certainly lends a sense of authenticity and style to the weddings where it fits the theme. Also, it's just fun dressing up with a tie and coat for weddings again, or lunch, or whatever! The weather has been so nice that you don't even the moment you walk oiut the door!

Working on new porch posts for the chapel, some touchup painting here and there, and looking forward to Miss L's visit in the next few days to see if 'this is the place' for yet another wedding. We are truly blessed!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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