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Such a beautiful reminder of a timeless and perfect wedding day! Emma Grace's wedding was sheer delight, and the simplicity of the decor was one of the stars of the show!

It would be tough to decorate Rory's mantle more simply. In this simplicity lies that perfect blend of elegance, tradition and genuine beauty. The roses used for this special day were some of the most beautiful and freshest, ever, and they lasted for days upon end! (We STILL need to take the box of vases back to Casa Granta, btw!) Such a tribute to class and style. The arrangements were perfect for our Emma Grace's biggest day, since they reflected her genuine nature and personality. It was a win all the way around (except for the fender on the Cadillac....never drive directly into the surface of the sun, people!). Such an oasis of peace, love, ceremony and celebration on the perfect December day. Such a fond memory we will treasure forever.

No flowers on display at the chapel today...indoors at least. Starting to slowly gear up for the Jane Austen Friends of the the Library event, and Elena has everything sparkling. I really don't like the bulbs I put in the chandeliers as replacement (they're too LED and not warm enough in color) so I'll be working on that! While we haven't raised our prices for weddings in 7 years, I can see where venue owners do.... We're up $2000 for insurance this year and $42 for chandelier bulbs?? Are you kidding me??? Oh well, it's hard to put a price on a genuine ministry that we both enjoy so much.

Blessings to one and all and especially those special folks who started the first moment of their married life at our beloved chapel. Happy weekend!


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