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Anybody Hungry? Who Wouldn't be?!?!?

Well, it's been way too long since we put something out on the old blog, and this photo was one of the first to come up when I was browsing. Love the yummy treats and eats here, and love to think about how many delicious moments have been celebrated and served on the antique buffet in the chapel entry hall. So many more planned, as well!

This spring has been an interesting one, due to folk's plans being disrupted by one disruptive virus! Thankfully, at this writing, there are only 3 weddings that have been rescheduled re-routed, and we are hoping that's the end of it. No matter how much fuss and help we offer new couples, wedding planning can be a challenge. Season that normal effort with an unpredictable social atmosphere brought on by government mandates, and you've got one heck of a wedding mess. All is well on this end, although it was painful to go through about 4 wedding weekends that we're at rose-garden floral perfection where NO bride went down the aisle! Never fear, lots more brides are scheduled for the rest of 2020 and into 2021, so all should be delightful and floral-scented!

Our hearts have gone out to many in this industry who are not as with the situation due to debt service, income reliance and all around no-work! :( Photographers, florists, caterers, DJ's, dress shops, and many other areas of the wedding world have been very negatively impacted. We're hoping and praying for quick recovery of the business/industry........especially for those delightful folks who depend on this income. As with everything else, we must think some happy thoughts, and know that a silver lining will pop out just when we expect it least, and make things much better all over again..... In the meantime, prayer really works, and a knowledge and belief that everything really will work out in the end!

Looking forward to dressing up, and got really excited about planning the vows for a wedding this fall and getting to wear my frock coat as the officiant. It's been a while since I've had it on, so it'll be fun getting back into the Dearly Beloved saddle and riding into the future with our great couples!

Hang in there, boys and girls, and as always, if you're looking for the PERFECT venue that will take care of you, really does care, tends to do the right thing, and does a lot of excellent hand holding (:)) that would be us! Give us a shout to come see the place for a scheduled tour. You won't be sorry you did! Blessings to all for a great remainder of springtime!

Captain Rick

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