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Did someone say tea? It certainly looks that way! Amazingly, however, these lovelies are being used for something a little bit more stout. All clean and lined up for their Jane Austen event debut!

How fun is this going to be?!? Truly a unique opportunity to learn a bit more about Jane Austen. The chapel has been cleaned, the cups and saucers are out, and the team is assembled. In between readings of Miss Austen's works, a bit of sipping and snacking will be going on throughout the chapel environs. Greg and Sarah are helping us create the Old English magic, and we're excited to be working with the Friends of the Salado Public Library again on this event.

In the meantime, we're getting everything up and ready around the place for fun. Looking forward to talking with Annabelle's mom and getting some booking worksheets going. Also looking forward to the plants getting to the blooming stage, with a few already showing promise!

Stay tuned, make your Austen reservation, and join us for a wonderful day of fun. Blessings to one and all on such a wonderful day!


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