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What a wonderful dessert or starter! We don't see it often, but it's an excellent wedding taste!

So many times, guests at weddings aren't interested in a big piece of wedding cake, but want "a little something something" to end their comestibles on a sweet note. The banana pudding 'shooter' is just about as perfect as it gets to fit that bill. I can be banana pudding with 'nilla wafers like you see here, or it can be almost anything else! We've also enjoyed it tremendously as a snack course before supper during cocktail hour with some fresh gazpacho and a spoon - nicely garnished. The possibilities are just about endless, and they look pretty neat - as they do here - on one of the complimentary silver trays we've got waiting for just such an occasion. The actual container is usually plastic, but in this day and age, you can't even tell half the time! Just a fun idea and almost guilt free. Something to consider!

Well, Mrs. Boss is rehearsing in the chapel tonight and that's about all the excitement there was in the building all day. The electric gate opener is working fine, and we're really enjoying that smooth new feature!

We were able to tour, discuss and scheme on our upcoming October event for the Salado Public Library this morning, with a visit from J, M & S! It's going to be a very different, special, and rather theatrical event, so hopefully when you see the details appearing on your screen or in your mailbox, you'll want to be part of the fun!

I need to replace about 5 lightbulbs between the DJ chandelier and the Brooke swag lighting, so there are a few small chores for me down there this week. Probably won't happen tonight, though, since Mrs. Boss has lots to do, and hopefully, we'll get some cards and television in before bedtime.

Hope everyone is enjoying a tremendous mid-week, and congrats to all the anniversary brides and grooms out there. Ran into Mr. D. Thornton today, who was selecting a beautiful arrangement of flowers today for his lovely Audrey. They were married here and it's year number FIVE! Where does the time go. We so love seeing our brides and grooms out and about, across the dinner table, and at special events (Mary and Jon!). Their togetherness and commitment to each other reminds us of what a fun and happy-centric ministry we really have! God bless us every one!


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