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Well, in the interest of fair and balanced reporting, both kiddos get some face time on the blog! :)

Out of fairness to fine "O", here, we had to post a picture, since sistergirl "H" got major face time yesterday. Those two were so very well behaved the day of the wedding and seemed to really enjoy the excitement all around them. A wedding day can be a challenge for kiddos, since the routine is disrupted, so much excitement, and so many people. Not for these two kiddos....they were pros!

Thinking I've got a visit this morning at 9:30, but not completely sure, since my email program isn't talking to the website quite the way I'd like. I'm going to head to the chapel, regardless, and will tidy and putter just in case the bride and groom are coming for the tour. We've had lots of tours in the last month, but no bookings, which does happen. Not being able to show off the bride and groom's rooms as nicely as we'd like doesn't help, but the right couples for this venue have vision, so it all works out.

Setting up for 'movie night' in the chapel this evening with a screening of "All About Eve", and we're looking forward to that. The fare even includes frozen pizza, which is one of my personal favorites! :) After that, the chapel gets a rest until next week, where we hopefully make more progress on our floor project. Anxious to be done, but patience is an important part of life!

Hearing from more brides and grooms about Wedding Homecoming, and the numbers are climbing! Can't wait! If you were married here, you're invited! Let Miss Denise know you're coming!

Have a wonderful last few hours of 2021, and let us all pray that 2022 is a wonderful year in the safe hands of God. Blessings on ya, peeps!


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