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We love it when a bride comes back to the chapel and helps repurpose it for a special event! Fun!

Raeshel had the brilliant idea to have a 'seed swap' here at the chapel, and it all became reality yesterday afternoon. We were all amazed that 30 folks came to check out what we had, and we were also amazed that just about everyone who came brought their own seed bonanza, and a lot of sharing, garden wisdom, and fun was had all the way around. We ended up with succulents from Lisa Hagood, and seeds from all kinds of places - even Portugal, and some plant starts that I wouldn't have done on my own. Raeshel is to be credited with having a very successful event, and we've already decided to do it again in the early spring/late winter (think February) as soon as we get the date confirmed. You just never know how something like this is going to turn out, and when it's 15 times neater than expected, it's a great feeling of accomplishment. Really brought together some garden nerds on site, and I was totally impressed with Raeshel's plant knowledge and wisdom about garden bugs. Paxton did a tremendous job of helping and providing moral support. He even got some new Pokemon cards out of the deal, so everyone turned out a winner!

Bible study went great yesterday, and our next task will be to do the lesson plan in the bible study guide for The Chosen, episode 2, season 2. It was a great episode, and we're already looking forward to going over the lesson this week. Don't forget, you're always welcome at bible study, and it's a great and sincere group of people led by an excellent facilitator! Come join us on Sundays @ 5p!

Blessings to all for an excellent week, and we hope new and wonderful things germinate (see what I did there?) in your life every day! Talk at you soon, and thanks for tuning in!


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