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There are so many super neat plates in the chapel vintage collection, but this one just peaks to us!

I think it's the time period and the color. Transferware green from probably somewhere between 1900 and 1918. We can't even remember where it came from, which is true for at least 60% of the bride's collection here, but no matter, it's beautiful and has been well loved and used for many weddings already.

Headed to a celebration of life for one of our favorite bridal grannies of all time today. She'll be missed, but the memories and photos are right here!

Meeting with Teresa and Staci tomorrow about the fun games night to benefit Slice of Heaven Educational Farm! Should be great, and we've already had quite a few folks show interest in being here for the event. We might even get into the VIP table area where the stakes are as much as $30+ per game! We'll certainly have our $1 game table for those who want to roll the night away and enjoy the fun while supporting a great charity. We're so blessed to have a place and a network of fun-loving folks to make charity fundraisers possible!

Loving the advertisements for McIntire's Nursery in Georgetown, since it's getting me excited for planting in the front of the chapel. This would NOT be a good week,however, to buy any growing thing, since we're looking at 2 to 4 nights in with lows around 19 or 23. Blech. Not fun!

Well, nothing else to report from the cute white building with the stained glass! Come visit, but bring firewood! (only kidding!) God bless us every one!


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