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Shelby Mae is looking a little Jessica Tandy from "Driving Miss Daisy" here, trying to be helpful!

It almost looks like she's asking for directions or looking in her side-view mirror (she can' fell off again and is on the seat next to her!), but she's actually just peering out while we went and got a package the other day at the gate. She feels she's ready to position EmmyLou for key photo op weddings where she's needed, and I assured her that she has to be able to reach the pedals, and that this particular car is pretty hard to steer. She didn't argue after that, and we had a pleasant ride back up to the chapel!

Hope everyone is taking the heat in stride! Had a great prep phone call yesterday with Kelly to go over our rehearsal dinner plan, and our only challenge so far is remaining fresh and lovely @ 101 degrees! Yikes.... Now that we're in the wedding business, it's hard to imagine that 36 years ago next week WE got married in Dallas and it was 102. What were we thinking!

Clemente trimmed up the entry, and he and Tim are working on getting the new gate hung, although I don't think it'll be done in time for the next event. No matter, since it's propped open, anyway, but we'll yet again remind everyone we're the cewlest chapel in town with our new electric gate! Can't wait!

Stay cool and dry, and find some shade. We've got a couple more months of this, so we might as well grin and bear it! Blessings to all our couples. You're in our prayers everyday! Later, loved ones!


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