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Seed swap day is coming, and you won't want to miss it. Gardening is good for the brain AND tummy!

Mrs. Boss has alerted me to the fact that I may have miscommunicated the time on Sunday's event (9/11/22). The seed/plant/garden wisdom swap is slotted for 10a-4p, and I put the wrong start time down. It's kind of a come and go thing, and Denise, Raeshel and I may be the only souls here, but no matter, we'll get to visit, talk seeds, talk gardens, and have fun! Hope you can join us.

Will and David are UNDER the chapel as I'm typing this, doing bug treatment to keep nasty bugs away! We've needed to get it done for quite a while and are finally getting to it. Clemente created trap doors for access (and bad groom storage for so they're all set and working at it hot and heavy.

More rain yesterday means that the plantings, yard and flowers are looking far less shopworn than they have all summer. It was a long, hard grind, so we're not as abundant as we'd like to be, but it always could be worse. I'm glad I put a zinnia photo out here, since that's what is in front of the chapel and also part of the seed swap on Sunday! They've got to be our favorite flower for their color, hardiness and sturdiness of spirit. You GO zinnias!

Anyway, have a wonderful day, and think positive thoughts. Hopefully, we'll be able to touch base again, soon, and thanks for reading the blog!


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