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One of our favorite kind of days! Meeting with a bridal family to go over decor for the pub tables!

It doesn't take much for us to get excited around here, but 'decor day' sessions are always fun. This is where moms, brides, coordinators, etc., come and do little tableaus of fun in preparation for the big day. Today we'll be focusing on banquet and sweetheart table decorations, and it'll be fun. We love working with our families to get it 'just right' for their special event. Today's wonderful guest is concerned that she isn't over-decorating. Wait, Wha? is that possible?!??! :) We love the fun and chance to visit and take one step closer to having things go smoothly on wedding day.

Otherwise, not much is happening at the chapel this weekend, since it's a holiday. We've had Labor Day weekend weddings before, but we're finding that it works out less and less for our brides and grooms, since so many of their besties already have standing plans/family commitments, etc., and it's also harder to coordinate the best of the best vendors. No matter. We're good with a weekend off, and loving the rest and rehab of it all! We might even pull some weeds in the flowers on the entry approach to the chapel, since we finally got some lovely rain and the 'turkey foot' grass is everywhere! It's always amazing to us how quicky the weeds sprout up and everything turns green after a nice rain. Praise God!

Anyway, have a wonderful holiday weekend, enjoy everything you can, and make it count. Don't ever forget ... it's never too late to start a 'new thing'! Blessings on ya!


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