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It's another Officiant weekend for me! I've never noticed how goofy my expression was in this shot!

I look pretty sly in this photo, so who KNOWS what I was saying during the vows at this amazing wedding. Just like the wedding I'm doing this weekend, the event is off-site, which is also kind of fun for me! The bride and groom for this weekend are delightful, and it's always neat to be selected and included in their biggest of days!

Otherwise, not much is shaking at the chapel. Will and David finished their bug treatment and the seed swap and bible study are planned for tomorrow. Should be a jam-packed day. Zinnias look great from their drink of rain this week, and everything looks so much less dusty and dirty!! I still need to go back into the storeroom and replace 2 light bulbs that went out on one side, since when you flip the switch, NOTHING comes on back there. Thank goodness for the chandelier on the cork bathroom side of the area!

I'm looking forward to showering up and getting ready for tonight's rehearsal, and it's so very close to the chapel! Just a hop, skip and a jump, which always makes it so much easier. Their wedding venue is located pretty darned nearby as well, so I certainly won't get many frequent flier miles as the officiant this weekend! No's all about the ceremony and all about the fun!

Blessings to one and all for a great weekend! Keep your chin up, worry about nothing, and say a prayer every chance you get! Later, chapel lovers!


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