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If your golf cart looks this good for the golf cart parade, imagine what your wedding will be like!

We are so ding-danged excited to announce the booking of Vanessa and Chad's blessed day at the chapel for 2023! They came and had a great tour, and Vanessa came with a deposit today, and we've already picked out all the decor servicewear AND gone over the vendors list! WAY ahead of schedule, and that's always nice. They're both absolutely delightful, and the perfect kind of couple for Caliber Oak. Chad is a bit of a gun guy (always a good thing) and they're tech, and Vanessa drives THE cutest, little Mazda Miata hardtop convertible. They're totally IN for the WIN at the chapel! Cannot wait for the big day, and we're way ahead of the power curve, which is always fun! Congratulations to Chad and Vanessa, Merry Christmas and thanks for trusting us with your big day!

Otherwise, working on a bit of holiday decor at the chapel and hunting a specific idea for candle lantern stands. We think we've got a cool idea in our heads, so we'll see if it flies. 2 ornaments for the little tinsel tree are down there already, and we're anxious to see how many are coming for book club that's closer to Christmas, so that we can start setting up. Fun times!

Otherwise, Clemente fixed a soft-floor issue from some damage, and we're good as new. Now to just put the pieces back together the way they were, but we'll get there, for sure!

We hope everyone's Christmas plans are shaping up beautifully, and that things are going smooth. Don't forget to say, "God Bless Us - Every One" several times during the season to keep it Tiny Tim REAL! Blessings to one and all!


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