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Captain Blurryphoto strikes again, but you get the drift! A wonderful time was had raising $4,120!

It's no easy feat in this economy to raise over $4,000 for charity in just a few short hours, but that's exactly what happened in our blessed chapel on Sunday! The event was the games fundraiser for Taylor Bears and we went into the day with an amazing $1,700 in donations without ever starting the activity. We had hoped for maybe $3k as our total, but were totally amazed at the end result. Many, many thanks to everyone in this photo, and all the other donations that came in by mail, online, etc. A charity fundraiser is $0.00 without generous souls to fill the basket. Thanks to all, again, for being the light during some difficult times for the littles in the hospital! The good news is that the food is so great as leftovers from this event that we're still noshing on fruit salad, Lisa's cheezy wafers and her bacon crack (don't ask, but it's seriously THAT addictive!).

Otherwise, we're all cleaned up, thanks to Elena's magic touch. Nothing at the chapel this weekend, but we're ok with a bit of a break. Looking forward to a new couple coming to see if the chapel is right for their wedding, and we got everything picked out for S&R's wedding next year! Gonna be so fun!

Miss Denise is working to keep plants alive in the heat, and is doing a beautiful job. Oh, I forgot to mention that Chloe helped us make things happen on Sunday and Stacy said she couldn't have done it without her! Lisa and Bert were such troopers, and our masterminds - Stacy and Bryan - were amazing! What a fun reason for bonding and laughing for a great cause. We told Taylor she could come back again when it's needed, and that's fun too! If you missed this event, we're doing something almost identical on August 6 for Slice of Heaven Educational Farm in Holland, and it'll be their 4th games night! No matter the charity, the place is blessed, the food is good and the beer is cold! :)

Have a wonderful day, tip someone deserving just a little too much, and remember how much God loves you! You've got this!


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