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As you know, not EVERY party happens at the chapel, but that's where the fun always begins!

Jolene really is the queen of the selfie, and probably the bride that does it the best. This looks like a magazine shot for Central Texas Living, and reflects a great day on the boat a little while back. Always so much fun to stay connected and tethered to our bride and groom familes!

Hope all our couples and fans are doing great. I've been horrific in the blog department, but we've really been running in 19 different directions for about a week. Wonderful rehearsal tonight for A&G, and wedding dinner celebration tomorrow for B&T and polishing Cadillacs, and ....and....and.... Probably no bride boat pictures THIS weekend! We still have to pull it all together by 5p Sunday for bible study. Whew! Yowza.

Excited to have Andrea here from Let Them Eat Cake tonight with her delectable confections, and we're also excited to have Chef Ivory in the house for tonight's repast. Should be outstanding, and our dream team is in place to make their visit very comfortable, indeed. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together. 2 more major events before the 'summer season' is over, so we're still pushing the rocks around and trying to beat the heat.

Have a tremendous weekend, and stay in the shade! :) Blessings on all y'all!


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