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Because.................Shouldn't every chapel have a matching car?

Ok, people.....almost time for an automotive innervention. We're back up to 6 cars. SIX. We fell in love with this beautiful, chapel-colored smooth riding beauty the first time we laid eyes on it, and met the truly excellent Pam and Rick, who were parting with a family heirloom. They already know that it will be well cared for, and will be filled with adventures, excitement, laughter and hope as it makes its way to and from Caliber Oak! Just like with EmmyLou, it's so fun to meet a couple who you're 'just' buying a car from, and end up having wonderful new friends. We're excited, since it looks like they may be able to be here for Memorial Day BBQ, and Pam looks like the kind of A&M girl who knows her way around construction of a side dish, y'all! We're excited to have another Lincoln in the stable (this actually means we've owned more Lincolns than Cadillacs, which, I'm sure my father would look at me askance over....:)) We so enjoyed the Town Car stretch limousine, and this one is just 10' shorter, that's all! Blessings to the new addition and we KNOW she'll look great at The Book of Beautiful Weddings all-white garden party magazine issue launch!

Denise is outside planting flowers while I do important things like stall for time with the blog. Had to tell you about the Lincoln, though, didn't I? Well, this weekend is all about our American Heroes who DID NOT come home, and our hearts and prayers go out to them. We could never have a life that comes close to resembling the magical, blessed, abundant existence we all enjoy without the sacrifices of so many. Young, older, and dedicated to the cause of freedom. We are truly thankful and blessed! === Ate at Jake's Buffet for the FIRST TIME today, which is amazing, and ran into choirmaster-to-the-stars, Wayne B from CTK and it was fun to catch up. === We've redecorated the parlor in a kind of 1969 Hindi/Indian Summers kind of way, and are loving the summer look. === So excited about BBQ for hopefully 17 this weekend, and all the blessings that are on tap! === also getting excited about M&P's great wedding adventure coming soon to a chapel near you, and we fell in LOVE with their special helper, Marilyn, this week. All is well in the realm!

Everytime I face a challenge......I immediately go back to The Lord's Prayer. I say it once, reverently, methodically, .........almost melodically. But then, I stop. I start again and find the part of the prayer that applies to the challenge, question, concern, I'm having at that moment. It helps me focus on His guidance and also untangles knots. Don't leave home without it. Blessings to all of you for a smooth-riding, Lincoln Town Car, Jesus loves me kinda day!

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