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Some of our favorite ornaments aren't about Christmas! :)

One of our favorite sites around the chapel is the ornament in the 'hood. Or, in this case, ON the hood! :) Miss Alice Fleetwood and Mrs. Arnaz both have great crest ornaments that are ONLY available on truly great Fleetwood bodies of the era. No Coupe d'Ville's need apply! These two beauties (along with EmmyLou) really do wake wedding portraits and wedding day photo ops extra fun. The colors are great, the lines and classic looks are fun and they're a memory for a lifetime. We're so thankful for our wonderful little fleet of special vehicles for our special brides. More cars coming to join just never know!

Raining cats and dogs out there right now, but we're not complaining, as May showers bring Less Drought. It's not as catchy as the "April Showers" jingle, but when you live in Central Texas, it just makes more sense! :) Rain is supposed to continue on and off for a while, which is wildly welcome and truly a blessing. All we have to do is look back to 2011 and how much we prayed for a drop or two, which didn't come for months on end.... It's amazing how those memories will stay with you! === Memorial Day is rapidly approaching, and then M&P's great adventure after that! We're so looking forward to meeting their 'day of' coordinator, and she sounds delightful! As to Memorial Day menu, have pretty much decided this morning to go with bbq chicken. We'll see how badly the ol' Cap can mess THAT up. Not one of his culinary finest hours in the past! === Headed to Templetown pretty soon to get a little micro work done by the talented Stephanie @ Bliss Skin Care. If you're needing a little dust off, polish or just a whole danged sanding down to the bare metal, this is the girl. I leave each time with my face looking better and better, and she's got some great other tricks and products up her sleeve that really make the trip worthwhile. THEN I get to go to McDonald's for lunch and THEN shop at Walmart! Nirvana, baby.... === LOVED being a book processing volunteer yesterday at the excellent Salado Public Library. Pat was so helpful, and I'm thankful of Rachel for getting me involved. I didn't mess up a SINGLE book, so they've allowed me to come back for the next session. I feel so literate AND important! === Speaking of literate........the Motley Book Club (MBC) is moving right along with the current selection and at least 2 of us have finished already. Lynda Bean is joining us for sure and we might have some other guests. We're all looking forward to another ROUSING night of book discussion and selecting our next tome. I'm totally rooting for the book I wanted last time, but I lost by one vote. Maybe it'll happen next week! Sure enjoying this group and the reading fellowship! === Very much enjoyed having the Temple Children's Museum Capital Campaign Team here at the chapel last Friday for a luncheon meeting, and also had fun at the Brewseum event at Barrow. KD and Graydon are always so generous with the facility and kind to our village and 501c3's in the area. === A certain red headed soprano is in IRELAND right now, having the time of her life, and we're so proud. Photos that are coming back across the Pond look great! So excited to hear all about the fun and frivolity.

He's with us even in our losses. We've had a family loss this week, and are reminded that all of us will be together again at a place without pain and suffering. God bless my dear sister, Joan, and many prayers for excellent gatherings in the divine place she is now! Blessings to all for the celebration of life we should each be enjoying today!

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