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Every Wedding is Better with EmmyLou There! (honk, honk!)

These two lovelies are ready to roll into their next great wedding adventure at the Chapel! Mrs. Boss and EmmyLou were actually headed to church this weekend in this shot, but would have happily taken a detour for a Sunday wedding! As a matter of fact, congrats a la grande to the wonderful M&C who HAVE booked their exciting Sunday wedding for later this year. Dishes selected, glassware chosen, just add ice and stir! We cannot wait for their big day!

Life is rolling along well at the MBC (most Blessed chapel!) and we're pretty excited to announce that EmmyLou is getting a new steering box. Wait, that doesn't excite you? Well it does US! When you're a car that's 68 years old, EVERY new joint and lubrication is a treat! We've got the box on order, and cannot wait until installation! Our dream team at Jones Home and Auto strikes again! Thanks, Smitty and Brant! === Beautiful weather out there today, and might even get some gardening done! We went a leeeetle mental at IKEA this weekend and got some great new planters for the chapel. Not sure how they're going to work yet, but all will end up lookin' neat, I just betcha! === A little grocery/errand run is in store today....possibly conducted by the tremendous '71 Eldorado convertible! It's so great to have all the cars home and happy, but also to look forward to EmmyLou's steering box adventure (we're just THAT excited, y'all!) === Have a special dinner guest coming to supper tonight, but we'll be at the main house for that. === Wow, EmmyLou is heavily featured in this post, since I just realized that she's going to be front and center in our full-page ad in The Book of Beautiful Weddings that's premiering very soon at a special issue launch party. Looking forward to it, and hoping EmmyLou staring in our ad will bring lots of new and exciting brides and grooms into our lives!

Every minute He gives us is precious. The more we can learn to brush off rude behavior we receive, doubts, worries and fears, the quicker we can enjoy the rest of that minute He's gifted us with. Do that today, won't you? Let go of something that's been bothering you, and replace it with His love and affection for YOU! Buenos Tuesday-os, all y'all!

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