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Happiness Happens in Many Places!

I was thrilled to be the guy who got to officiate the wedding between these two wonderful folks last weekend! Kayla & Brian were a delight to work with, even though their wedding wasn't at the chapel! Every couple has just the right place, and their spot was perfect for them. Karla did an amazing job of creating magic for their big day and I was so thrilled to be a part of the team. Shelly's office has the official marriage license, so they're the real deal! Woohooo! Congratulations to two excellent folks on an excellent day of love and bright futures!

Well, today isn't a sunny and sassy day at all! Well, maybe sassy?!?!?! We're under a severe thunderstorm warning, and certainly getting it right now! The computer is unplugged, but we'll see if we still have internet service when it's time to post! Wow! Thankfully, He's watching over us, and the winds aren't bad. Clemente spent 1/2 the day yesterday getting the driveway back in order from last weeks torrential rains, and we may be right back to the drawing board after today! Such is life in the country, and the adventure continues!

Had a wonderful dinner hosted by the delightful Sarah Sanderford last night, and we're so getting ready for her big adventure to the Emerald Isle! Cannot wait to hear how it's going and see all the great pictures. Her itinerary looks priceless and we know she'll have a great time and a few Dublin beers! We're a little jelly, but working on it! :)

Sounds like the storms might be dying down just a bit, so we're hoping that Christina can still come to visit today despite some serious challenges to progress!

Excited to have a lovely couple come and visit this evening to see if the chapel is the right fit for their big day in November! The bride sounds delightful on the phone, and that's ALWAYS a good sign!

Need to do some tidying up at the chapel today, but will wait until the rain subsides a bit. Guess no gardening then, huh? :)

His protection is evident in every breathing moment of our lives. Thank you, God, for protecting us today, tomorrow and always! Bask in that protection today, y'all! Have a good one!

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