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A flashback from last fall - on a day where elegance was certainly in vogue!

Kate and Pippa weren't available for this photo, so Sarah and Denise took center stage at the annual tea last fall. This photo may have ended up on instagram, but after rolling through my phone this week, I thought it deserved its own blog feature. Such a great day of fun, frivolity and finery! Lots of hats, gloves and even a few furs floating about. Loverly!

A beautiful day at the chapel today, and spring has def sprung! Got some seeds in the ground yesterday that need to be watered again today, and a bit of gardening will continue as our soil gets delivered and we catch a few moments of sowing! ... We're on the backside of Lent with our Lent-0-Meter showing that we're 78% finished as of today! Woohooo! Let the Easter champagne flow! Speaking of Easter, we're up to about 50 sparkling guests for that annual and ritual, and many of this year's attendees are newbies to the fun! Should be a wonderful resurrection celebration, for sure! Ham, turkey, brisket, sides, key lime pound cake, deviled eggs, buttery taters, etc.etc.etc. And of course, a little after luncheon LCR to be played for easter candy! .....still need to get the federal taxes done before next monday to avoid tax prison, but we're well on our way, and the numbers look better than last year. Fewer weddings, unfortunately, but at least the refund will be nice! :) ....Back to Easter.......Marcy sent us a great, pressed-glass deviled egg tray and we got a free one at HEB with the purchase of mayonnaise and pickle relish, so I guess we're really all set. Don't know what my secret ingredient will be in my deviled eggs this year, but it won't be avocado! Just the thought of that makes my traditionalist head spin! If you like that kind of thing, more power to you, but keep mine next to the chips in a bowl, only, please! .......Planning a special visit with Naju & Bomi very soon, and we're looking forward to that. ..........and back to Easter crafts for the big day aren't quite complete, but I do like to wait until Holy Week for the majority of that, since we won't know how the weather is expected to be for Easter and if we'll be at the main house or the chapel. We're hoping for the main house this year, and since it's later in the spring, we're thinking only wind or rain could keep us from our appointed main-house duties! .......just saw a first-blush of the weather prediction while I was typing, and it looks like a 40% chance of showers so far. So much could change between now and then...we'll just wait and see as it gets closer! This year's theme colors are orange and magenta, so we'll have a lot of festival feel to the gig. Can't wait to wear one of my favorite ties that has those two colors in a rep stripe for the big day! ........a new Mexican Flowering Plum tree has been planted at the 'bend of the road' along the driveway, and we're hoping it'll do well!

He's alive in us 24/7. Every sleeping and waking moment is filled with his grace, gifts and love. Saying special prayers of thanksgiving for health, fellowship, freedom and love today! Rock the prayers, y'all! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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