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Well, not exactly the photo I was going to use for the blog post, but it works!

I kind of got my photos out of order this afternoon and posted the picture I intended for the blog on my personal FB page. No matter....if you can't make the connection between vintage cuff links and weddings, you're probably not going to 'get us' as a chapel, anyway! :) This pair of vintage beauties has a neat, machined-etch design on them. The mesh cuff-belt is neat, and they're just an all around cool, brushed stainless pair. The thought of wearing vintage cufflinks to a wedding is mighty great, not only for the groom but also the groomsmen. What a cool thing for the bride to get her groom for their big day? Vintage, one.of.a.kind, and a lasting reminder of their special bond together. Niiiiice!

Quiet day at the chapel, and I'm actually fixing to use the floor machine on the floors, since the yoga team is going to be here tomorrow. Has such a wonderful wedding on Saturday that we were reminded, again, how much we love the work God has given us to do, and we think we do a pretty darned good job of it! Can't wait to book our next wedding, as the calls have been a little thin as of late. Get out there and market, people! You're our lifeline to continued happiness for future pressure! Anxious for the nice weather we're supposed to have this week for seed planting and getting the bedding plants in the wheelbarrow in front of the chapel. Also looking forward to the first social event we're involved with for the Temple Children's Museum, and anxious for TCM to benefit from free use of the chapel for fundraisers! Lent is officially 63% over for this year, and I'm ready to eat something cooked! ...............Really enjoyed our trip to Austin yesterday for an IKEA and Williams-Sonoma run that netted some treasures. .....................SSDave is headed this way as we speak to store their new, 29 foot long RV at the ranch. So glad we've got a spot for them, and it sounds like they'll have an excellent time of it! We're so looking forward to our upcoming overnight camping trip with the Bradley's at Stillhouse Lake! New camper dishes from Sheri and the Bradleys, new welcome mat, and working on a rug for under the 'barbie tent' in front of the unit. It's kinda great!

Waiting while the next adventure unfolds. We never know when they're coming, or if they'll be big adventures or small, but they'll all have purpose, and we won't be heading into them alone. He's got this. He's got you! You do you, while He does his thing, and you just can't go wrong! Happy Tuesday and the rest of the week, y'all!

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