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So then the groom asks.....why aren't we featured on your website blog?

Well, to be honest, John, the place is owned by a retired cop. However, sir, the frisking of a bride you've married is quite out of our standard protocol....BUT GREAT! Loved this picture of our wonderful Elizabeth and Deputy John making sure everyone is safe.... Although, I think she's enjoying it far too much! This is just one of many outstanding photos from the day, and be sure to check out the chapel's FB page for the excellent video of their special time with us. Cannot wait to visit again, and thanks for keeping us safe, Deputy!

Busy day AWAY and INSIDE the chapel. Started by setting up for tomorrow's Texas History Days in Salado event, and then got busy setting things up in advance for A&D's magical day. Cannot wait! Otherwise, just rolling along and enjoying God's blessings.

We must enjoy every moment he gives us. Even the ones where we don't feel our best, or life is challenging, or our shoes are too small. It's all a part of it. Please stop and thank him for everything today, ok? Blessings on ya!

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