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She's back from the shop and lookin' fine!

Miss Alice Fleetwood is back in the house. She's all checked over and just has a few minor issues we'll work on in the coming months. What a joy to drive, and truly a top.of.the.line ride! Such a blessing that Melinda and Tremaine were our VERY first bridal departure couple in this car, and that Laura is part of the face-page photo carousel in 3 photos featuring Miss Fleetwood! We're so blessed, and truly love the old cars.

Nothing happening at the chapel today, since it was errands day, and getting stuff done elsewhere. All clean and sparkly, though, thank you Brenda! Looking forward to several visits this week...depending on schedules. Fun when we're working on setting up for a wedding, and fun when we're not! Did I mentioned that we're blessed!?! Oh, and we're up to an estimated 63 brides/grooms for WHD!!! WHAT?!?!? Wooohooo!

It's amazing that the word 'patience' comes up so many times when I'm praying on the last paragraph of the blog. I guess because we all need constant reminders that things don't necessarily happen in our time, but in His! It's all good, and every blessing is worth waiting for! Hope you're having a tremendous day!


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