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Well, they didn't actually ride home that way!

Yesterday's bowling outing was cut short by the fact that there weren't going to be any lanes available for an hour when we met at the alley! No matter...we headed to an early dinner at a favorite spot, Tony & Luigi's and shared baked manicotti. Yumski. Since I've been reading a book that's set in Italy where a British military officer falls in love with an Italian cook, somehow, this cuisine fit right in! After dinner, we headed to Home Depot to look at coachlights for the side of the chapel and found none we liked. We DID like these happy cyclamen for the front of the chapel during the fall. These beautiful flowers always remind me of Italy as well! During our cool fall strolls through the cities and country, they were everywhere. Especially in Siena...we were walking at dusk, and a small shop with a gray, stone face had dozens of these beauties out front in boxes and on the ground in pots. The visual experience of that has never left me. Welcome, friendly cyclamen...We'll see how long you last!

Besides putting the cyclemen out today, the gameplan is enjoying the hot tub, lunch with the boss, and a run to Ace Hardware for a badly needed valve for the commode at the main house! The weather promises to be tremendous again, today, so we're so very thankful.

Sometimes, He reveals his reasons the peeling of an onion. Something we thought we may have wanted didn't turn out that way, and He allows you to examine it. Frequently, a factor you hadn't considered before is staring you in the face, and you understand more about how He knows you better than YOU do! Thank you, God. May each of you have a special and meaningful day!

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