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What's Cookin' at The Chapel?

Jordan took this outstanding photo of the copper pots at the chapel a while back, and I stumbled on it today and thought it was a very 'fall' thing to put on the blog. We're actually having a soup dinner one night this week, and I'm already getting ingredients lined up on the counter and in my head for a fun evening of soup, bread, salad and wine! I love soup this time of year, and then I'm over it... The making is always more fun than the eating for me, generally, but still enjoy the soup experience. Fun looking at this photo and thinking of so many who have been a part of this collection... Sheri Joseph, The Johnson's, Ruth Howe, Dolores Marshall, etc. Love the pots!

Just love walking around outside on a day like today...breezy, warm, sunny....amazing. Hopefully, will get to spend some of it outdoors today, and know that I hope to enjoy top-down-MGB time at some point!

It's up to Him. Sometimes we're in a quandry about something and not sure which way it supposed to go. Doing our best, using the gifts he's given us...then stepping back. If it is meat to be...He will make it obvious. Otherwise...He may have something even better planned! (and usually does!) Blessings to all for a day of pleasant surprises!

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