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She's Coming! The Baby's Coming!

Well, the photo is a little blurry, but the wasn't! Griselda's great baby shower adventure was hosted at the chapel yesterday, and it was beautiful. Pink, festive, and calorie filled....or so I heard...didn't crash it until the last hour, and hid in the kitchen. Greg and I spent our afternoon on more important pursuits. Financial discussions, car discussions, a trip to town in the Eldorado, fast food, champagne, cigars, well...needless to say, we were busy! Congrats to Griselda and Greg on this very special upcoming event.......and the fact that they be our neighbors very soon is all the sweeeeeter. Schweeet!

Taking down dirty linens today and starting to position ourselves for the tremendous wedding of M&D this weekend. We can't wait for this big day, and know it will be very, very special. Chapel getting all spiffed up this afternoon (thanks, G!) and then we will get started in crafting a wonderful setup for a blessed day!

We're all here for a short time. Talked with a friend this morning who's facing real challenges with a real illness. I was reminded of how graceful each of us can choose to be, if we'll accept the Grace as it comes. God bless you, S, and we continue to pray! Get out there and make it a crazyfabulous day, folks!

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