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Abandoned Zebra Reunited with Owner!

Well, I guess the tag line makes it sound a little more dramatic than it was, but Mia has her baby zebra stuffed animal back after leaving it in the bride's room a week earlier. :) I saw it at one point, and thought....'hmmmmm I wonder who this belongs to'... since we'd had a wedding or two, and then realized the colors matched the groom's room motif. So, for about a week the zebra lived in the groom's room on the shelf. We'll have to figure out what to put on the shelf now, since the stripe-y critter has gone home. :)

Chapel getting cleaned up today and then the setup begins for G's baby shower. Should be fun getting things all set up, and looking forward to the activity. New sprinkler-ing system is great, and will keep the plants much more healthy and alive for summers to come...

Blessings abound, and sometimes are teeny, tiny but totally excellent. Our prayer for you today is for health, healing, thanksgiving, and joy.

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