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Fuzzy bridal fotobomb at the chapel!

Mushroom just couldn't resist visiting with Whitney during her bridal portraits at the chapel...Whitney apparently felt the same! What a fun day that lead up to a truly fun and genuinely joyful wedding and celebration! Congrats, again, W&J!

Today is a rather lazy day at the chapel (when does THAT every happen?) and we're going to set up for tomorrow night's charity event and just kind of laze around. Thankfully, with over .5" of rain in the last 2 days, we're not even having to water the cool is that? Amazingly, Denise just checked the extended forecast, and we're not expected to have another 100 degree day this summer! Thank you, God! Wow!

I think as we get older, we really start to realize the importance of appreciating each and every day. From the moment we wake up, it's so vital to appreciate that we DID wake up :) and truly an adventure in trust to see what He has planned for us that day! Blessings to all for a crazy fabulocity weekend!

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