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Such a special vintage corner...

The coffee service for Caitlyn and Corey's wedding was so very special. This is the kind of look that seems right at home in our blessed chapel. Who knew that when Tammy & Tim Wilson gave us this silver coffee pot and service for our 25th anniversary, that it would see sooooo many weddings, events, and parties! Thanks, T&T! The look is solid vintage gold, and C.Y.'s eye for display is tremendous on this table...

Fun visitor today, and it looks like the Kyra & Michael gift may be put up today, and can't wait to get a photo of that. Headed to the village for a few things, and also need to get outside and do some watering. Looking forward to C&B coming to visit so their vows can be finalized.

The littlest of blessings are the ones we love to count.... A/C, plenty of food, health, and time to enjoy it all. Thank you, God for all you do for us every minute of every day. Blessings to all!

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