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Reason #114 that Whitney is a CaliberOak Bride!

Ok....the resolution could have been better, but you get the point, right? THIS is what makes our Caliberoak brides so special. Her dad's 9mm and that veil....really? A match made in heaven! My favorite pics are the ones immediately following these, where she's with Jonathan, AND the 9mm and he looks just a shade scared! Priceless! The couple that shoots together, STAYS together! :) Thank you W&J for being that kind of couple at our blessed chapel! (Thanks to Dave, as well, for being a tremendous all.around dad and weapon wrangler!)

Hotter than a pistol out there today, kids. Thankfully, C&C's big day is indoors, so the triple digit heat will just have to stay outside. Everything is pretty well set up on our end, and excited to have CY & Co. here to put the finishing touches on everything for the blessed day.

Thanks to Julie Lowe for another great trim to the 'hellagoodhair' that Cap has been sporting recently. She's such an artist, and only a phone call away at Scissors Salon right here in our wonderful little village. Prayers of thanksgiving for her going up, and prayers to EVERYone reading this for a day filled with blessings so abundant, you can't count 'em all. (it's already happened for you, even if you haven't realized it!)..... Have a very special thursday!

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