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Caliber Oak's Newest Couple!

Congratulations Emily & Bryan! We can't wait for your big day and know that our chapel is absolutely perfect for your wedding. One of the neatest thing is that Bryan grew up about 2 miles from here, and his dad used to work on our pistols at his shop! These two are an excellent couple, and we can't wait to spend more time with them. God bless you both, and let the planning begin!

'Surface of the sun' temperatures again today, but that's our world in July and August. Praise God for a/c and bottled water. So looking forward to seeing the delightful Margarita when she visits today, and also the excellent Monica and Michael when they drop off some beautiful pillows that have been made just for the chapel! Preparations are just about finished for D&D's great adventure for this weekend. We're having a great time with it, and even have two separate visits in the morning tomorrow for new brides and grooms! Never a dull moment at our blessed spot. Even got to see Griselda and Greg last night over a bottle of excellent wine so that we could plan the details on her upcoming event at the chapel. Gonna be beautiful.

Prayers go out to all in need each day, and we know they're heard. Grab your piece of comfort and strength with an extra prayer today. They're free!

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