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Even had a wedding on the cruise!

It's just simply a God Thing when we travel. Seems like every place we get to go, we get involved in a wedding! This lovely couple travelled with us throughout the Alaskan cruise, and as I mentioned yesterday, were married in Juneau and receptioned on the Infinity. Lovely to talk to, and we got to take some fun pictures. I guess the marriage celebration vibe just follows us whereever we go!

Hotter than blazes out there already today, but nice and cool inside the chapel. Made a mad dash to our local village stores to get extra doilies and napkins for D&D's very special look. Tyler Fletcher and Dolores Marshall saved the day as usual!

Hang on to those blessings today. I think they're like a string of beads, and it's fun to count them during our adventures... Pray on, y'all!

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