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An unusual couple!

lace love.jpg

Just to give you an idea of how much love is in the air at the chapel, take a look at this couple. She, a delecate lace window panel, - he, a sturdy lace table topper used at weddings. Then the other day, he reached out to her, and the rest is history. The two of them have worked together for so long, joining forces just seemed like the natural thing to do. This photo was not staged! I walked into the chapel and these two were connected to each other on their own in mid-air! Love is in the air, for sure!

Lovely visit with Caitlyn and Thomas last evening, and it looks like we're all set for their special wedding. Looking forward to an excellent "Scenes From" rehearsal tonight with some light refreshments. All in all, another wonderful day at the chapel! Yesterday's surprise rain shower/downpour caught us by surprise, and one little, green MGB really got soaked! All is back to normal now, however.

Being thankful, appreciating the simple things, and not needing 'too much' of anything to be happy. Wow. What a blessed life that is. Blessing shout-out to all today for an excellent mid-week!

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