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Loving the prepwork involved in this weekend's wedding celebration. Ok, maybe not steaming all those chair covers :) but the rest of it is fun! We are so blessed to have a special couple celebrate their beginning together almost every weekend here, and it's terrific! Congratulations to H&S on their big day that's almost here. Indoors? Outdoors....we shall see what the Big Guy has on tap for us! No matter, it'll be groovy to the maximum, dewd!

Summer is here and I can tell by the charming sweat factor on the old Cap. Yikes! It's all good, though, since we certainly cannot complain about not having a 100 degree day yet this year and the end of JUNE! I'm sure it's coming, but so is Alaska AND fall! :)

Plumbing project completed yesterday and working on a to-do list of approximately 3800 other things that need to get done....but all in God's time! Miss Denise has extra time to spend with me this weekend, so I'm a happy camper and I know we'll get some stuff done. Blessings to all today for a freshly opened, sun-shiny kind of attitude!

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