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Life's Sweetest Moments...

We just love this photo of Dakota and her dad dancing. She's put this out on her facebook page as her profile picture for Father's Day, but we just had to feature it on a blog post. Love the elegance and tenderness of the shot. Beautiful day, beautiful bride.

Assembly and setup continues in preparation for Hope and Scott's big day! Will it rain? Will it not? It won't matter, as we'll have a wonderful time making everything happen. Great couple and fun times ahead!

Had an excellent visit at the chapel with Noelle yesterday. She brought me a rare seed catalog and some more of the excellent dragon's egg cucumbers that they're harvesting from their garden. I was able to give her some spineless prickly pear paddles, one of the succulents from M&M's wedding last weekend, some heirloom zinnia seeds, and a coleus plant! Fun visit and fun gardening discussions.

Blessings to everyone today! Don't forget that sometimes the way seems shadowy, but we're not to fear. We will be strengthened!

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