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Well, it's a little fuzzy, but Natalie and Lee look great in this Wedding Homecoming shot! We don't know how they took it, but it sure looks kinda chilly in the photo! True love story!

I'll never forget how excited Natalie was on her wedding day. She told me that she 'really didn't care all that much how everything turned out, as long as she was married to Lee'. I loved that line, and will always remember it. They're two very special folks who never miss Wedding Homecoming, and we feel they know they have a very strong connection to the chapel. I love the polar bears on Natalie's outerwear, too, and know she's a gift from God with her NICU skills! Rock on, wonderful couple!

All is wet and rather soggy at the chapel today. Wasn't sure it was going to rain this much, but fortunately, we were able to meet with Jordon and Tommie in the dry part of this week, and even pulled off a tremendous book club 5th anniversary meeting before all this rain showed up. At least it's supposed to be over after today, but we need a little dry down there to do some railing maintenance in the front entry. A few furniture pieces need a bit of paint, and I'm sure the grass will be knee high again! It's all good. Our brides and grooms are real people who love our real place, and that's what matters. Bring on the food, fun and antique dishes.

Come see us when you get a chance, and best wishes to all our 2024 brides and grooms. Y'all are adding up fast, and love is in the air. Blessings!


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