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Amazing how life progresses...

kelly sammy creek.jpg

One of the biggest blessings of the chapel is the creation of ongoing, permanent relationships. Take Kelly & Sammy here. Ok, they got married at the chapel, had their engagement pictures taken here, we've laughed, we've cried, and now new life is in order. Last weekend, they came to the chapel for some of their maternity photos. While this picture wasn't taken at the chapel, it represents that magic the two of them have for each other. The blessing of having couples like this 're-enter' our airspace from time to time reminds us of how special it all is. We get to be there for the milestone moments of their lives, and they let us in our families. How crazy-fabulous is that? Thank you God, for each and every family created at this chapel, and for all of our very special brides and grooms!

Zumba and bowling in the SAME DAY? Oh, yeah...and boy are my arms tired! We had a great time this morning in Zumba with Melissa back at the helm and motored a la MGB to Georgetown for some special "Mel's Time" and bowled quite badly, actually (me). No matter....we're happy, healthy and blessed beyond belief just to be able to be together and do these things.

Let's none of us take anything for granted! A fast moving world has its casualties. Be strong in faith, understand your blessings, and move forward in confidence that He has nothing but excellent stuff comin' down your pipeline!

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