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Laura & Joey have set a date!

Joey & Laura.jpg

Laura & Joey booked their special wedding at the chapel on Sunday, and we couldn't be happier to have them spend their special day with us! Wonderful senses of humor and spirit. American Hero marries Nurse! Sound familiar!?!? It does to us, and we love it. One of the very clear blessings He has provided us with at the chapel is the chance to serve those who serve others. Neat stuff. Congrats Laura & Joey, and we can't wait to see you out at the chapel again, soon!

Lots of rain, but thankfully no damage found at Caliber Oak so far. I get the impression that it wasn't as stormy as originally predicted, but it's clear that we did get a lot of rain. We'll take the rain, since we're always wondering at this time of the year if it's the last we'll see of it until October! :)

Unfortunately, B, M, & A had to cancel their visit this morning, but we hope to see them again soon. Always something going on at the chapel, and we love it that way! Blessings to all for a wowza-wednesday and hope your morning prayers went well. Ours did!

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