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It's gonna be THAT kinda weekend!

Fairy tale ending alert! This weekend's big event has been long in the planning, and very much anticipated. It's like a family wedding for us, and we simply cannot wait. Adore this bride and groom completely, and even get to go to the rehearsal dinner! Woooohooooo! Dreams can come true, it can happen to you, if you're married at the Chapel at Caliber Oak! Congrats, T&J!

Preparations, steaming, sorting, washing, busy, busy, busy. And THEN, I step from the trunk at the dry cleaners yesterday and my back gets all jacked up! Vino, muscle relaxers, etc. didn't help much, but today, I'm pushing through with our old friend, Mister.Large.Dose of Aspirin! I new those "Pirin" tablets would help, and if you know one of my favorite movies, you know that reference already! Well.....the colors look great for the wedding this weekend, and everything is right on track! Can't wait for the guilty pleasure buffet bar this weekend, and apparently, alcohol will be served! Wooohoooox2! ..........I don't even have to dress up for this wedding, since I'm not officiating, so I'll be able to do the "Gator" on the floor when the time comes, or when my pain meds wear off.....whichever comes first! :) Weather is supposed to be great for this weekend's wedding as well, so we're all set to fasten our party-belts and enjoy this life experience! =======================================================

Trusting. Trusting... Trusting.... That's what we all need to do. He has the plan, the timing, the resources and the love. All we have to do is accept it all. Have a tremendous rest of the week, y'all! And keep those prayers handy!

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