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After your Caliber Oak wedding, how about a crazy-affordable and beautimous honeymoon?

We are constantly amazed and thrilled with the value that Florida's Emerald Coast casts in its magic spell. Just got back from a wonderful visit, and the price could not have been better. Reasonable food available, tremendous value in can save yourself from eating out every meal with a nifty condo, and the airfare/driving costs aren't overwhelming. We just love this area of the Sunshine State, and try to get there as often as possible. We'd like to try to get there in our new RV one of these days, but 'we'll see'! Think about having your honeymoon memories come true in the Florida Panhandle. Let us know if you've got questions! BUT, as you already know I'm going to say....don't have your destination wedding there. The folks we see who are doing the wedding on the beach/at the coast....not quite so relaxed as we were....and nobody ever likes to look at rented tuxes going through the airport the morning after! heheheh!

======================================================As previously advertised, we just got back from another tremendously tropically terrific escape from 76571. Don't get me wrong, we love our 571, but it's just fun and nice to get away when you can. Returning to the Santa Rosa Beach/Seagrove area is always a delight, and did not disappoint. Crowds were non-existent (thank you teachers, for gettin' all them kids off the beach for us....hehehe), prices were un-boil-eevable, and the whole vacation had a relaxed vibe. We just love it, and hope to do it again one day!

===============================================================Meanwhile, back at the ranch, things were very well taken care of by our magical caretaker team, and the dogs were like....hey, how are y'all? Hotter than blazes here, however, and we were kind of spoiled in FL with temps lower than we had last time. ====================Still need a truck for the new RV, but got to process books today, got to visit with Hettie, and started post-vacation fruit salad and alcohol-free rehab! Overall, a pretty good first day back with some TCM activity even thrown it!==============We loved the fish and foods of FL on this visit, and cannot wait for another fish stew one of these days, soon.

All of us are flawed, and all of us make mistakes. It's funny to see how everyone has their flat sides and weaknesses, but the puzzle pieces of life still seem to connect and conquer. He's doing that. Gifts like understanding, forgiveness, and grace allow amazing things to happen. Blessings to all our readers for a supertastical week!

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