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What if each groomsman wore a different pair of vintage cuff links at the wedding that the bride and

Well, in our world, that would help to make the day even more perfect...but that's just us! Well, that's just us and a lot of our couples, since just about everyone who gets married here is pretty much into the vintage, non-cookie cutter vibe. Thank God! ...Loving this new set of 'jewlray' provided to me by Mary Jo Laney (MOB) from Minnesota. Check out the great, really old 1920's/1930's cuff studs, and neat tie bars AND the crazy excellent bowling pin and bowling balls! Too great! Thanks, MJL, and they're cozily ensconced in the special cuffy link box, just waiting for the next time I put on a tie. Maybe TODAY! Vintage weddings and vintage looks are the best, methinks.

===================================================Chapel is getting trimmed up for the upcoming wedding, and we're getting excited! Looks like a crazy busy fall, and we've managed to keep all the plants/flowers alive through the heat of the summer. We're hoping the 100's are over, and we're just looking in the 90's, which wouldn't be that unusual for this time of year. ..........meeting with the team for an upcoming wedding today, and even get to talk to the movers and shakers in the Village today about being involved in the Salado Culinary Festival, coming up very soon. Should be fun! ==============================

Isn't wonderful when prayers are answered? Our answer and His don't always agree, but He's always right. The neat thing that happens is when what we're praying for turns out to be what He has planned for us. All it takes is a little faith, patience, and a willingness to accept His direction. Smooth as a smoothie, y'all. Have a banana/peach/blueberry kinda day! :)

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