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Who says weddings can't be cool?

A long awaited shot that's also on FB today, but I really wanted to post it here. We loved Delanie and Shawn as our bride and groom, and their wedding party certainly had a sense of style. Just the other day, I was wearing a pair of monogrammed sunglasses from their wedding and texted Delanie about how it reminded me of their perfect day. SHE was wearing a pair at the exact same time and we sent pictures of each other wearing them that morning! THIS is the kind of special connection we're blessed to have at our wonderful chapel. Marriage On, Mr. & Mrs. Brown!

Supposed to be 90 and sunny today and the hope is that some work gets done around the place. Summer is surely headed our way, and we're excited to get some convertible sunshine in today. "Mrs. Arnaz", our beautiful blue Cadillac convertible took 20 ivory table cloths to be pressed yesterday, and we both loved the breeze and smooth roll into town.

Special visitors returning to the chapel on friday and we're also looking forward to meeting a special couple and going over vows. Allegedly, there'll be a little pistol shooting at the range today, which we're also looking forward to. Need to send the lead downrange before it gets too darned hot in the afternoons!

Blessings to all for a happy and faith-filled day today. Have no fear, He will strengthen you!

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