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Performance Groom!

To this day, Monica & Michael's wedding was the ONLY wedding in memory where the groom gets up and plays a set with the band! When does THAT happen in real life??? What a fun day/evening and such a special couple. Blessings to you both and we hope you have a tremendous summer!

Lots of rain in the area last night....mucho lighting, but thankfully, it looks like no damage. Can't complain about the rain....although it looks like we may have 2 indoor ceremonies this weekend! Who knows what God has planned!

Frustration this morning has already turned to relief, since I was presented with a problem, and can already feel Him working through it towards the perfect solution. Isn't it wonderful when that happens? Like ALL the time!

Lots is already off the checklist for the next event, and we're looking forward to seeing the advance team tomorrow. Lots of visitors tomorrow, but we were sorry to hear that D&J&Co. have to reschedule. We hope they'll come visit one day soon!

Headed to the post office at some point today to have the team correct a mailer envelope I've already messed up! Thank God for the tremendous team at the Salado Post Office! Blessings to all for the realization today that He's got this! Whatever it is!

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