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The steeple is in bloom...

Well, Denise and I have tried to take about 35 photos of the steeple on the chapel grounds this spring since it's in bloom with roses. This isn't the best one, but it was handy this morning, and I grabbed it for the blog. The steeple is the original ornament on the church in Davilla, Texas that we were blessed with for materials for our chapel. The rose is a 'once a year' bloomer that was pretty much just languishing each season since it's a climber. After our tremendous trip to Butchart Gardens in British Columbia last year, the training of roses became an interest. Then, in a magazine, there was a tip that the easiest way to tie up rose climbers is to use madame's old nylons! Well, they stretch great, are strong, and don't pinch the tendrils. Brilliant. That's kind of an unusual way to recycle, but I'm down with that!

Special guest coming for Cinco de Mayo dinner tonight and I'm looking foward to making an MG run into the village for the ingredients in just a little while. Still basking in the glow of a nice limousine trip to St. Helen's yesterday for the Dominican Sisters. We really hope to have another event at the chapel to benefit their Order.

Truly enjoyed the blessing of having Kayla & Kevin here last night to discuss the renewal of their wedding vows. Very special couple!

As one of the presiding Bishops said at Mass yesterday.... There is nothing bigger than God. Not your worries, not your weakness, etc. etc. etc. It was so cool when he said 'excetera', since it reminded me of Yul Brenner in the King and I! Crazy wild blessings to you on this terrific tuesday!

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